Product Features

Shelfish is full of features designed for creating a marketplace that serves a unbound customer base from a decentralised distribution center that most often than not, happens to be in your neighboorhood.

Designed from the battlefront

Shelfish was born from a very real business need. Our team was originally born from Merengue Merengue’s necessities, but associates and friends kept showing interest in the underlying platform, so we decided to change the tech’s team focus to developing Shelfish.

The platform you’ve been craving

Shelfish is a platform of platforms, creating a marketplace immediately creates a space for vendors to showcase their products, leaving you with a populated space to promote and grow.

The shared economy marketplace

The only tool built with the shared economy in mind, Shelfish delivers where other tools fall behind, offering a very real and future proof solution.

Geolocalized products

The platform knows where products are so it is always showing users what’s closest to them, thus delivering the quickest and cheapest delivery.

One catalogue vs vendor specific products

It doesn’t matter if you have one product database and vendors scattered all over the world or you want to connect vendor’s products with your users, we have you covered

Vendor shops + Vendor CMS

Vendors have their own access to their platform, allowing them to manage availability, inventory and logistic solutions. In turn they have their own shops which can be a part of what your Shelfish offers or operate independently.

100% Customizable

Everything in Shelfish is customizable to fit your image, from colors to logos all the way to how interfacing elements such as buttons or icons interact with users.

Mobile first. Always.

Today two thirds of internet users are accessing the web through their mobile phones, this means that no matter how pretty something looks if it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work period. We know that and design mobile first.

Unlimited Everything

Create as many users as you like, add as many vendors as you wish and give them the freedom to operate as many products as they wish. Operate in new cities, how many? It’s up to you.

Designed for content. Optimized for speed

Using the latest technologies built for speed, we built a platform that revolves around delivering your content the fastest way possible.


As the platform owner you get the most complete dashboard complete with order information, user information, vendor information, notifications, etc

Instantly scalability

The platform is built on top of robust server infrastructure that allows us support any traffic you throw at us, so you can worry about growing your business.

Analyze Customer Data

Have access to invaluable customer data that is the voice of your market. Know with laser beam precision, where your customers spend most time, what they buy, where they browse and even where they click. Learn what pictures are appealing and which aren’t, learn what descriptions sell and which ones don’t.

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